About GlobalHotelNetwork.com

Robert Harp

Founder, CEO & Publisher



Founded in 2000, GlobalHotelNetwork.com represents Travel & Tourism's public & private-sector globally. Our Members include over 25 hotel company CEOs, Chairmans and Presidents (and their C-Suite) and a worldwide-network of 100 highly respected hotel Investment Advisors and Thought Leaders from a variety of disciplines.

As a Trusted Voice in the Travel & Tourism sector, GlobalHotelNetwork.com: 

*Reports on breaking industry-news via social media channels 
*Conducts interviews with CEOs & industry leaders 
*Publishes market reports & thought leadership columns  
*Sponsors over 50 hotel investment-conferences in every region-of-the-world.

Robert G.Harp, Jr.

Founder, CEO and Publisher


We are committed to excellence-in-business & innovation and in the spirit of Johann Sebastian Bach, our work is also done Soli Deo Gloria.


Mission Statement

GlobalHotelNetwork.com is a Premier Provider of Market Insights, Thought Leadership and Industry Intelligence for CEOs, C-Suite Executives and Decision Makers in the Global Travel and Tourism Industry.

Core Values

GlobalHotelNetwork.com highly values: *Accountability, *Adaptability, *Agility, *Authenticity, *Charity, *Clarity, *Community, *Creativity, *Dependability, *Dignity, *Diversity, *Duty, *Equality, *Generosity, *Honesty, *Humanity, *Hospitality, *Integrity, *Intentionality,*Loyalty, *Maturity, *Mutuality, *Nobility, *Opportunity, *Productivity, *Profitability, *Punctuality, *Quality, *Reliability, *Respectability, *Sanctity, *Simplicity, *Sincerity, *Sustainability, *Strategy, *Tenacity, *Transparency, *Trustworthy, *Versatility, *Unity


A first mover in digital publishing, GlobalHotelNetwork.com, was founded shortly after Google & Paypal (1998) & Alibaba (1999) and existed before Pandora (2000), TripAdvisor (2000), iPod (2001), MailChimp (2001), iTunes (2001), LinkedIn (2002), iTunes-Music-Store (2003), Wordpress (2003), Skype* (2003), Facebook (2004), Yelp (2004), YouTube (2005), Twitter (2006), iPhone (2007), Tumblr (2007), App-Store (2008), Spotify (2008), Uber (2009), WhatsApp (2009), iPad (2010), Instagram (2010), WeChat (2011), SnapChat (2011), Kindle (2011), Google+ (2011) & Alexa (2014).